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Home Sweet Home
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Well, howdy to all our old and new fans alike. For some of our new fans, you all need to know we’ve been around a long time, just ask anybody who’s followed our adventure series. It started way back in the”80s” with my first book, “A Gift For Dusty” and the opening of my stage show at “The Sourdough Mining Co.” in Anchorage, Alaska, called what else? ” The Adventures of Dusty Sourdough”. By the time I retired from there we had become the longest running family stage show in Alaska, (22 years) and a travelers church on Sundays.

After closing down, my wife and I went into full-time ministry on the road, doing gospel concerts and spreading the gospel all over America. Along the way we opened a seasonal BBQ restaurant in Quartzsite, AZ. so we had a resting place 3 months in the winter. (We only work 16hr. a day there) A pastor friend of ours, 2 years ago, joined his ministry to ours, forming a new traveling ministry called, “On The Road  For Christ”. Much to our regret on July 25th of this year, the Lord took Pastor Bruce home. It was very unexpected, and it sadden our hearts … we miss him beyond words. As we continue on, we’ll do so with my brother in our hearts.

With that said, as the new year approaches in this time of turmoil we are going to start taking booking for concerts and speaking engagements with the belief that things will turn around, but in the meantime I’ve done something for our old fans … and of course our new one too. Rather than sell my new book and final adventure in the series (“Trail’s End”) I’m going to post it on the site as a continuing adventure on a weekly basis. Of course you’ll be able to make comments and reminisce along the way, so come on along on this one last ride!   Dusty

  • Proof! (2/6/2021) -       Everyone who reads this needs to go to; rumble.com  and click on Mike Lindell Absolute Proof  This will shock you to the soles of your feet, then pass it on. Blessings to all.
  • Trails End… Chapter 10 (12/29/2020) -   Chapter 10 To Walker, at first, the sound of voices seemed far away and the words were all jumbled up. He felt sick to his stomach and his head throbbed with incredible pain. An inner voice warned him not to move a muscle or make a sound. As he regained full consciousness he started … Continue reading Trails End… Chapter 10
  • Trail’s End… Chapter 9 (11/13/2020) -   Chapter 9 “Listen,  did you hear that? That was a shot! Someone’s coming up our back trail,” Pete said with more fear in his voice than he wanted Red and Frank to hear. “Maybe one of us aught ta go back and see who it is,” Red said, looking right at Pete. Just then … Continue reading Trail’s End… Chapter 9
  • Trail’s End… Chapter 8 (11/4/2020) -   Chapter 8 Aura Lee, with her faithful, furry companion Little Bear by her side, was hanging laundry on the clothesline behind the cabin when she heard Dog, who had been lazing on the front porch up till now, go into her raging cat act. This could mean only one thing… intruder. Little Bear, more … Continue reading Trail’s End… Chapter 8
  • Trail’s End… Chapter 7 (11/3/2020) -     Chapter 7 Walker didn’t have long to wait. The three gunslingers, two of them virtually being dragged by their collars, came out of the Grub Tent, mounted their shabby-unkempt horses, and headed through town taking the trail leading to Sunrise. The Indian knew all the trails and shortcuts that existed, so it took … Continue reading Trail’s End… Chapter 7